Scary, funny, and professional. What a meeting!

Last Wednesday’s meeting was a treat – including ‘trick or treat’ Halloween themed table topics, thanks to Ursula as Table Topicsmaster. We had members and guests confessing their love of dressing up as superman, inspiring us to carve scary pineapples, and persuading us that here in Australia we should go door-knocking for meat pies instead of candy. Interesting!

The prepared speeches included a professional presentation by David, and entertaining speeches by club guest Harshitha and our Treasurer Aaron – with a funny look at the joys of his young son buying his own boat!

A group of us enjoyed a “scrummy” meal after the meeting too! Thanks Victor for that word-of-the-day.

Congratulations to Rufina, lovely to see her presented with her CC award.

Look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting, 26 October. Also, visitors are always welcome to our meetings – RSVP or ask any questions via the “contact us” page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Belinda, Vice President PR


3 thoughts on “Scary, funny, and professional. What a meeting!

  1. Very engaging night. Love the things we learn at Toastmasters. Congratulations to Rufina. Not a small thing to achieve your CC.

  2. 4 experienced speakers at our last meeting. Great night. We had everything from 1963 with Ice on lake Zurich to 1974 and what is still the same today compared to then, A picture of a starving child that caused a lot of emotions and how to sell the right coffee machine. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

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