A most congruent meeting

A re-cap of our previous Wednesday’s meeting:

Steven’s introduction was an informative start to the meeting, with interesting facts about Universal Children’s Day. The table topics were facilitated by Margrit, focusing on questions of age and time.

An educational by Aaron “Evaluate to Motivate” was full of practical tips on how we can help others by giving effective evaluations.

We also had a full speaker line-up:  Julian with an thought-provoking speech on climate change; an entertaining folktale about monkeys (and a bell) by Rufina; then Rachel gave us an intriguing interpretive reading, a monodrama “To be or not to be”. Finally, Sandra giving us an emotional and engaging story about the greatest unsinkable ship that sank, the Titanic!

Our meeting was indeed “congruent” with our stated values – thanks to Grammarian David for the word-of-the-day!

Look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting, this Wednesday 9 November. Visitors are most welcome to our meetings – RSVP or ask any questions via the contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you!


Belinda, Vice President PR


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