Time flies (we must be having fun!)

A wrap-up of our 9th November meeting to let us reflect, and get excited for our next meeting – this Wednesday 23 November!

Aaron chaired the meeting like a true professional, taking charge and bringing plenty of personality into the meeting. Smooth work Aaron!

We welcomed new member Francis, who read the club mission for us – which reminds us that we aim to be a supportive and positive learning environment for members to develop both communication and leadership skills. A mission I think we truly embody each meeting.

Congratulations also to David and Margrit, both achieving another Competent Leadership (CL) award to their names.

Julian made us laugh with a ‘stolen tent’ joke, and we had inspiring and entertaining speeches by Peter and David, followed by a fascinating folktale “The Alligator Man” delivered by Victor.

The meeting also allowed us to share our love or hate for daylight savings – with the roundtable discussion showing strong opinions!

Wonderful as always to have guests with us, particularly Diane visiting from overseas – giving us wonderful evaluations that we can all learn from.

As well as our next meeting this Wednesday 23 November, don’t forget to diarise the Christmas meeting for Wednesday 14 December too!


If you’re not a member of the club, remember that visitors are always welcome to our meetings! Simply RSVP using the Contact us page – we look forward to hearing from you!

See you all soon




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