Traditions & themes

Wrap-up of last week’s meeting – 12.04.2017
For our club’s first themed meeting, we had ‘Traditions’ as the focus theme, with members weaving it into the evening wherever possible.

The club welcomed new member Judy, was presented with an award for Club Leadership training attendance, and thanked Aaron for his assistance during the recent Speechcraft course.

The ‘traditions’ themes table topics session was interesting – well done Rufina – and gave the speakers the perfect opportunity to practice their speaking skills, while talking about something from their personal knowledge and experience. 

We were treated to a book review and a point of view from Dilara and Tahseen, followed by prepared speeches from visitor Shui’er, Aaron, and Phillip. Toastmaster Margrit showed us exactly how it’s done!

Traditional farewells rounded off a wonderfully themed night – now let’s see if having a meeting theme becomes a tradition for our club!

Hope to see you all at our next meeting, 26 April 2017. If you’re interested in visiting as a guest to observe a meeting, feel free to contact us!

“Ciao for now”


Vice President Public Relations


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