A retrospective..

Last Wednesday we enjoyed a “Remember when” themed meeting, with Sussana helping give the night a ‘retrospective’ touch with an on-theme Table Topics impromptu speaking session, and word-of-the-day too.

Aaron delivered a truly enlightening educational on ‘Humour in speeches’, reminding us all that we don’t have to be comedians to be effective at inserting humour when we speak! And boy is that a relief!

We were treated to two very different prepared speeches – a dramatic account of a holiday near-disaster by Iqbal, followed by Judy helping us reflect on the influential people in our lives.

The meeting was expertly chaired by Aaron, with Victor, Ursula, Rufina, Phillip and Yooree helping the agenda run smoothly with many of the smaller but vital roles throughout the meeting. We were later joined by special guests Margrit & David, which provided a very timely point of humour for the meeting. Also wonderful to see Bram back in the room after some time away from Sydney.

Our next meeting is Wednesday 9 August, which will include our club’s Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests. I’m looking forward to seeing our members step up to the contest stage and give it a go! Remember, every speaking opportunity is the chance to improve our skills, and we only learn by doing!

As always, visitors are very welcome to this next meeting, simply get in touch to let us know you’ll be joining us.

See you there



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