Elections, peace, birds, dogs, and a tongueless chef!

Wrap-up from last week’s meeting (10 May 2017)
With the theme of ‘elections’ and word-of-the-day ‘peace’, the meeting was Chaired very proficiently and smoothly by Aaron. We welcomed two new members Yooree and Taban, and were inspired by a chef without a tongue (thanks Ursula)!
With five prepared speeches, we learnt about bird-based personality types and the wonderful benefits of dogs and their incredible sniffing powers (very interesting thanks Utku and Dilara)! Yokebeth spoke about being ‘disconnected’ in this social media crazed world, and Michael gave a humbling speech about Deng Adut, a refugee lawyer with an incredible story. Here’s a link to the powerful short video (a Uni advertisement) that Michael mentioned. I focused on the KeepCup for my “sell a product” speech – go on, you know you want one!
As a reminder, our club election is next meeting, and we encourage every current member to consider this as an opportunity to put themselves forward for a leadership role. If you’re potentially interested but have questions or concerns, chat with any of our current committee members. We’ll be candid!
We next meet on Wednesday 24 May 2017. Visitors are always welcome – feel free to get in touch with any questions!
Bye for now

Last week’s wrap-up

Last Wednesday 8th March was International Women’s Day and our meeting was right on theme! I did my best to step into Chairman role as best I could – thanks for making it a fun and memorable meeting!

Always wonderful to see members step into roles at the last minute when called upon, and also to give their personal reviews – Tahseen with a point of view on cricket, and Rufina with her review of an autobiography by an Indian princess. Four brilliant prepared speeches, including wonderful icebreaker! What a fantastic start for Dilara’s manual projects. 

Reminder: Our Area 24 contest is tomorrow night – and we are the host club! Would be great to have as many club members there in the audience as possible! Details in the flyer posted below – I look forward to seeing you there 

Although I hope to see you all at the Newmarket Hotel tomorrow night for the contest (7pm sharp, don’t be late!), our next club meeting is Wednesday 22 March.

Cheers to all!

Vice President Public Relations

Meeting #89: Entertaining, informative and inspiring

Wednesday night’s meeting was entertaining, informative and inspiring. The three prepared speeches were “all of the above” thanks to Yosef, Michael and Peter. Special mention to Steven for the interesting reading on the age of supermarket apples!

Aaron was presented with his Competent Communicator (CC) award – well done Aaron; I received my 5-speech award; and we inducted new member Peter. Always lovely to have Area Director Mia Cong visiting the club too.

We all know we’re lucky to have David Fisher as our Club President – but particularly because David is an endorsed candidate for the position of International Director of Region 12. The election for the role will be held at the International Convention in Washington DC in August, and David is busy preparing. During Wednesday’s meeting we were given a sneak peek into some examples of his candidate responses in Q&A format. It’s an honour to have such a skilled and experienced Toastmaster lead our club and mentor our members, and we wish David all the best in the lead up to DC! 

Huge thanks to Margrit for being such a significant support in helping the club meetings run smoothly during this busy time – we’re grateful for your hard work.

Our committee will meet next week, then our next club meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 10 August 2016.

Have a great weekend


A vibrant start to 2016-2017

Wednesday night’s meeting was the first of the “new year”. The room was full of energy and packed to the brim as we had a great turnout of members, guests and visitors.

We were joined by guest speaker David Griffiths, sharing with us the speech he’s developing for the Semi-finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking. We wish David the best of luck as he takes the world stage in Washington DC in August.

David has visited many clubs in his 10 years as a Toastmaster, so I took the opportunity to ask him about his experience at our meeting. I’ve included a summary of our chat below. I encourage you to share your thoughts too, add a comment!

Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 27 July 2016. We welcome you to join us – feel free to get in touch beforehand.

Have a great weekend,
Belinda Cella (VP PR)


FOUR QUICK QUESTIONS – with our guest speaker David Griffiths:

First impressions? The overall positive atmosphere of the meeting was established early. The members were warm and welcoming when I arrived and the room was set-up well. The Sargeant-at-Arms Michelle also had great energy in her opening address.

Anything we did particularly well? The vital elements of the program are all there and it seems seamless. Members are committed to doing their manual speeches, and it’s great to see the Competent Leadership manuals being completed. The agenda is varied and gives opportunity for members of all experience levels to speak and develop. The round-table comments, President’s club business, Listening post etc – these were all short and punchy segments that also kept the meeting interesting. The evaluations of the prepared speeches showed a good fundamental understanding of what evaluation is about, and very much encouraging to the speakers.

Did we do anything differently? The Table Topics session was more advanced than I typically see at other clubs. A really tough theme, members were challenged to adopt a character, as well as prepare a mini-speech. Some less experienced speakers would probably benefit from topics that are simpler, but I was impressed to see so many members rise to the challenge. There were many entertaining responses!

Final comments? It’s obvious the club is doing many things well. A healthy executive, well run meetings and engaged members. There’s clearly a supportive culture, and an ingrained focus of helping each other develop and succeed. Thanks to the club for giving me the opportunity to participate – I’m grateful for your support.