Exciting news, educationals & emotional speeches

Last Wednesday’s meeting was packed full of exciting news, educationals, and emotional speeches.

We had an exciting club business session with Margrit, announcing the brilliant news that Club President David Fisher was elected as an International Director on the board of Toastmasters International. A very exciting new chapter in David’s toastmasters journey, we wish him all the best in this role and look forward to supporting him in any way we can.

During the meeting we also had educationals on “Impromptu speaking” and “Humour in speeches” in preparation for our Table Topics and Humorous Speech contests which will be held next meeting, Wednesday 14 September. All club members are encouraged to take the opportunity to enter the contests. Step outside your comfort zone and take the opportunity to learn! Remember to bring your manuals so you can receive a silent evaluation too!

It was fantastic to see Iqbal give his Icebreaker speech this meeting, well done. And of course welcome to our newest member Julian – we look forward to Julian’s icebreaker (and/or humorous speech in the upcoming contest!).

Enjoy your next couple of weeks, and good luck with your speech preparation for the humorous contest. Contact your mentor if you’d like some guidance – they’re happy to help you “bring out the funny”!


In other news:  Congratulations to David Griffiths, for placing third in his semi-final of the World Championships of Public Speaking! Photo below. David visited out club back in July as a guest speaker, sharing with us the speech he was developing for the contest. David sends his thanks to the club for supporting him in his preparation leading up to this world stage.




A vibrant start to 2016-2017

Wednesday night’s meeting was the first of the “new year”. The room was full of energy and packed to the brim as we had a great turnout of members, guests and visitors.

We were joined by guest speaker David Griffiths, sharing with us the speech he’s developing for the Semi-finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking. We wish David the best of luck as he takes the world stage in Washington DC in August.

David has visited many clubs in his 10 years as a Toastmaster, so I took the opportunity to ask him about his experience at our meeting. I’ve included a summary of our chat below. I encourage you to share your thoughts too, add a comment!

Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 27 July 2016. We welcome you to join us – feel free to get in touch beforehand.

Have a great weekend,
Belinda Cella (VP PR)


FOUR QUICK QUESTIONS – with our guest speaker David Griffiths:

First impressions? The overall positive atmosphere of the meeting was established early. The members were warm and welcoming when I arrived and the room was set-up well. The Sargeant-at-Arms Michelle also had great energy in her opening address.

Anything we did particularly well? The vital elements of the program are all there and it seems seamless. Members are committed to doing their manual speeches, and it’s great to see the Competent Leadership manuals being completed. The agenda is varied and gives opportunity for members of all experience levels to speak and develop. The round-table comments, President’s club business, Listening post etc – these were all short and punchy segments that also kept the meeting interesting. The evaluations of the prepared speeches showed a good fundamental understanding of what evaluation is about, and very much encouraging to the speakers.

Did we do anything differently? The Table Topics session was more advanced than I typically see at other clubs. A really tough theme, members were challenged to adopt a character, as well as prepare a mini-speech. Some less experienced speakers would probably benefit from topics that are simpler, but I was impressed to see so many members rise to the challenge. There were many entertaining responses!

Final comments? It’s obvious the club is doing many things well. A healthy executive, well run meetings and engaged members. There’s clearly a supportive culture, and an ingrained focus of helping each other develop and succeed. Thanks to the club for giving me the opportunity to participate – I’m grateful for your support.